Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Keeping up this blog has been one of the hardest things for me lately. I usually post pictures on Instagram or Facebook, plus I'm working on family photo books. It all gets to feeling a little redundant. I'll have to figure out how to consolidate. Until then, here's a recap of the last few weeks.  

For a school project Jed studied the "Thorny Devil." (I hadn't heard of it, either.) It's a desert lizard. Jed refuses to do projects on boring animals like giraffes and tigers. Everyone's already heard of those. Instead he chooses the most obscure ones he can think of to study, usually those with scanty information available. Anyway, as part of his project he made an actual-size Lego model of it.

 In March we went to Hogle Zoo. It was chilly but the perfect time to go because all the animals were active. Highlight of the day: packing super awesome lunches and then leaving them at home. 

Ah, coloring eggs. 

All spiffy for Easter.